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Multi-layer Co-extrusion Casting Film Mould (Model:)

You can customize the width between 300 to 7000mm. With manually adjustable die lip, the mould can produce 0.015-1.5mm films or sheet and achieve the 10-layer co-extrusion.

Multi-layer Co-extrusion Casting Film Mould

Automatic thickness adjustment T Die (Model:)

This die adopts a long V-drop-shaped runner, triangular flow splitting technology and a special steady flow structure. Effectively improve the composite precision of each composite layer and reduce the production of "M" and "W" shapes in the extrusion process. The upper die lip adopts a push-out manual fine-tuning and automatic fine-tuning integrated die lip, which is called One-piece mold lip, the manual adjustment range is ±1mm, the automatic adjustment range is ±300μm; the automatic die lip adjustment control part we use is currently very advanced fully closed loop control system and self-use thickness measurement. The system enables the thickness accuracy of the product to be within ±2%. The on-line thickness gauge can continuously and automatically detect and scan the horizontal direction at a high frequency, which can accurately display the thickness tolerance of the product in real time. The detection data of the online thickness gauge is processed by a computer program and fed to a special die lip thermal expansion adjustment bolt to realize automatic fine-tuning of the opening thickness of the die lip, and quickly and effectively control the product accuracy. In addition, our die head has good scalability, and can be equipped with "internal plug-type width adjustment device" or "external plug-type width adjustment device" with device to remove thick side according to customer needs, to better meet the needs customers’ need to produce a variety of wide-format products to achieve more economical and more efficient production.

This type of die is suitable for the production of single-layer or multi-layer films such as CPP, PE, EVA, PVC, PET, PVB, and PA with a thickness of 0.06-0.18mm under 5000mm.

Automatic thickness adjustment T DieAutomatic thickness adjustment T Die

Muti-layers Composite in Die Body T Die (Model:)

We use melt rheology analysis technology for each set of molds, combined with computer engineering technology to master the uniform, stable and reasonable design of the extrusion rheology of the raw materials in the mold. According to the actual requirements, the mold can be adjusted quickly and effectively to produce high-quality and qualified products in the shortest time.

Muti-layers Composite in Die Body T DieMuti-layers Composite in Die Body T Die

Lamination T Die (Model:)

We can produce the film or sheet thickness 0.005-0.1mm.

Die head standard width width:

1100-500mm adjustable

1300-600mm adjustable

1500-800mm adjustable

1700-1000mm adjustable

*with the elimination of thick inside edge of the blocking device functions.

*thickness range of products:0.005-0.1mm arbitrary adjustment.

*die heating: district heating stainless steel heating rods or cast plate heating zones.

*lip-wide push mode to fine tune the structure.

*products accuracy within 2%.

Lamination T Die

Sheet Die Head (Model:)

Standard hanger-type runner design, upper die lip can be fine-tuned, suitable for the production of PET (APET, PETG) PC, PS, PP, PLA, etc., single-layer or multi-layer sheet width ≤ 2100mm, thickness 0.14-2mm.

 Sheet Die Head Sheet Die Head Sheet Die Head

Melt Pump (Model:)

Melt Pump
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